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Search Engine Optimisation Gold Coast, in short SEO Gold Coast is offering its services in four packages. We are an Australia based SEO service provider located in Gold Coast. These packages are designed to meet the specific criteria of optimisation within fixed timeframes. In deferent stages of a website, the requirements of SEO are different. It is also dependent on the maturity of the website and its state of SEO. The period of engagement varies as one month, three months, six months and a year in these packages. Online business might choose one from them according to their requirement of SEO.

The booster package is of one-month duration. It is a 30 days process consisting of one SEO campaign. It is designed especially for websites, which has a presence in Google search index from before. It is best suited for websites that are six months old with considerable SEO done from before. Search Engine Optimisation Gold Coast has made it most beneficial for business that is under the top ten results of Google search index or at least in the first page. It is in fact to maintain a timely update of keywords and SEO campaigns to maintain the rankings. The number of targeted Keywords is 3 to 4. The basic SEO strategies such as keyword research, Google Analytics Review, Meta Page Title Updates, Meta Description Updates and content update are within in this package.  It is on page optimization with keyword positioning and the website setting arrangement.

The starter package offered by Search Engine Optimisation Gold Coast is a 90 days process consisting of three campaigns. Both old and new websites could benefit from this package. The targeted number of keywords is same as the previous package but the number of campaigns increased from one to three. This package is sure to bring the website to the top ten result of Google.  Although mostly one page SEO is focused in this package, standard practices such as conversion review, campaign review and keyword tracking make this package effective.

The other two packages offered by SEO Gold Coast are for long-term engagement. These two packages have guaranteed results. The six months package consists of six campaigns a month. Small and medium level enterprises benefit mostly from this package. Search Engine Optimisation Gold Coast has guaranteed the website result indexed among top five by Google after six month of the package.  The partner package is more keyword oriented. It targets twelve to sixteen keywords in total according to business needs. This package is the most effective one of business who wants a long-term effect on the market. Top position in Google search results in guaranteed on this package.

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